What is a VPS and What can I do with one?

I was talking with a friend and I mentioned that I started a website. I then mentioned that I purchased a hosting plan through a VPS and also set up a Nextcloud. This sparked a conversation about what is a VPS and what other things can you do with it. Afterward, I was thinking this would be a great blog post for the said website!

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual machine that is sold by an internet hosting service as a service offering. It is created using virtualization software, and it runs on a physical computer that serves multiple VPSs. Each VPS operates as a separate server, with its own operating system, resources, and software. This allows users to have the same level of control and flexibility as if they were using a dedicated physical server, but without the need to purchase and maintain their own hardware.

VPSs are often used for hosting websites, running applications, and storing data. They can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user, and are typically more affordable than dedicated servers. Some common types of projects that might be suitable for a VPS include websites, web applications, game servers, File storage and sharing, and various other applications.

A VPS can be used to host a static or dynamic website. It provides a dedicated environment for hosting your site, with the resources and control that you need to ensure reliable performance.  Web-based applications, such as a content management system (CMS) or an e-commerce platform. Game servers for a multiplayer game. This can be a good option if you want to run a server for a popular game, but don’t want to invest in the hardware and infrastructure needed to host it yourself. File storage and sharing platforms, such as Nextcloud or ownCloud. This can be a convenient way to store and share files online, and the dedicated resources of a VPS can help ensure that your platform remains accessible and performs well.

There are many other types of applications that can be hosted on a VPS, including a VPN server, chat servers, project management tools, and more. The key is to choose a VPS that has the resources and capabilities that you need to support your specific project.

An excellent choice for VPS hosting is Hostinger. This is currently what I am using to host my website and have experienced great customer service and so far 100% uptime. While I’ll get into a detailed review of Hostinger at a later date, some of their highlights include website hosting, E-commerce focused hosting, and game-server-focused hosting. Hostinger offers its own website-building software as well as dedicated WordPress hosting services. If you commit for a year or more, the price becomes cheaper than most other options. There are so many options out there when choosing a hosting provider, the best thing you can do is just pick one and go with it. If you get into it and are unhappy with something, simply move on.

As for myself, another project I’m hoping to start and bring online for all to enjoy is my own search engine. I have currently set up an instance of Searxng locally but can only use it when I’m on my home network – or connected to my home network via VPN. What’s the benefit? It’s just an online privacy thing, there are many options out there, like probably the most popular Duckduckgo, but I have some reservations about them being completely private. I’m also not completely satisfied with the results they provide; sometimes I’ll run the same search on Google, which defeats the purpose. When I get this search engine running I’ll make it public so anyone can use it. The more people that use it will in turn help everyone be more private because there will be more IP addresses making it more difficult for online trackers. Why trust my public instance? Whether you use it or not makes no difference, but hopefully, you’ve read a few of my posts and by now know I’m trying to do the most by as little cost as possible. Thus, I don’t want to pay to store any data I don’t have to! HAHA. The simple answer, trying to keep your data would cost me money.

Hostinger and NordVPN both gave me an affiliate link so if you wanted to try either of those services it would be helpful to me if you signed up via my links. This gives me a small kickback, at least enough to cover my web hosting for another month!

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