Hello and welcome to Advanced Echo LLC! I appreciate you visiting my site and if you’re reading this, then you have also clicked on ‘About’, so you’d like to learn a little more and see what this is all about! Continue reading below to get the full scoop, or to sum it up: I wanted to put out reviews on items I’ve ultimately purchased, how I got there, and why. I am also putting affiliate links to these items because one they are worth the purchase and two it helps me out while staying free to you!

I like gear, technology, deals, and the outdoors; I’m one to research something to death before making a purchase. Many of my friends and colleagues will often ask my opinion of things because they know I’ve put in the work so they don’t have to. This has sparked an idea, why not put to ‘paper’ what I find and think so many others can benefit?

This is not going to be a niche specific site, reviews, posts, and projects are going to include items from different categories. Why not follow what many ‘experts’ say and create a niche site? Mainly because I’m not trying to game the SEO system and drive traffic simply to drive traffic. I want to put out some meaningful content that hopefully helps someone, anyone, make a decision on a product or project.

Ok you’ve made it this far how much else could I possibly have to say?  Great question.

I’m writing this about info in the same format I intend to write my content; in a conversational style. I don’t want to write in an essay or report format. I’m going to put rhetorical questions and sometimes real questions that I’ll follow up with an answer or leave open ended. The posts will also include my thought process on why and how I landed on a particular decision. Another formatting process I’m going to try at first is posting a BLUF towards the beginning. Sometimes when I’m on the fence or really close to a decision, I don’t have time to read someone’s entire post and I just want to know what they think; so I’m going to see how that works out. Obviously I would appreciate folks taking the time to read my entire post, but I’m also realistic that some may not.

Thanks for stopping by, reading this much, and I hope that I can provide some help in your decisions!